Xpat Marbella offers professional services and hassle-free advice to ensure that you complete your objective successfully while enjoying your life in Spain. 


Our services range from:

  • Obtaining a NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero)
  • Managing your Residency Visa
  • Setting up your company
  • Requesting licenses for your business
  • Registering you as self-employee (Autónomo)
  • Filing your tax returns
  • Managing your Tax Electronic Inbox
  • Validating your driving license
  • And generally any aspect where personal or professional bureaucratic issues may arise.

All of our communications are done through English so you will not miss out on any important information. If needed, other languages are also available.

 Our mission is clear:

To deliver professional services in a personalised way so that you can have peace of mind. Trust, better together.

What can we do for you?

Residency Permit/Visas

XPAT Marbella can assist you with all residency matters when moving to Spain. Our immigration lawyer has over 15 years’ experience in this field.

Fiscal Advice

Xpat Marbella is your guide to Spanish taxation with up-to- date information on income tax, VAT, property tax and other taxes for residents and non-residents in Spain.

Banking Advice

Banking and payments will be easier once you open a bank account in Spain. We are a registered Agent in one of the most international banks and can offer you the most professional advice through this entity to open your account, request a mortgage or personal loan, contract your insurance or pension plan as well as managing your savings through the Private Banking team of experts.

Work & Business

If you are interested in setting up a company in Spain, you must first be aware of the different possibilities to enter the Spanish business market. XPAT Marbella Team can help you setting up your business in Málaga including all related aspects i.e. company registration, due diligence if acquiring company, tax forms sign-up, social security matters, licenses to operate, permits and other.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

We have a division dedicated to seek investment opportunities in real estate personalizing the analysis in a very professional way according to the investor profile. We can offer opportunities for all type of investors, the smaller ones seeking distressed properties but also investors of other nature who are looking for interesting projects such as land to develop villas, hotels for sale, commercial properties, apartment blocks and so on.

Tax Office Notifications Management

You, as an Expat living in Spain, will probably travel a lot, meaning you spend long periods without being at home. We have set up a special service whereby we will be the recipient of your Tax Notifications so you will always receive them in a timely manner and will not miss anything important. Our Spanish Tax Office (AEAT) is a fair entity in that whenever you are notified a process, you will always have a period to reply, however, once the period has elapsed, there is no chance to reopen the case. At Xpat Marbella, we can receive your notifications and act upon, meaning you will always be up to date with your tax matters. If “peace of mind” is what you are looking for, this is the service for you.

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